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Blue Chip Dispensary LogoAnimal Mintz

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Blue Chip Dispensary LogoApricot Jelly

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Blue Chip Dispensary LogoBerriez and Bananaz

Berriez & Bananaz is a tropical and creamy strain that will level your state of mind. This hybrid indica strain produces calming effects that’s perfect to end another day at the casino. Genetics: Blueberry Cheesecake x Gary Peyton Taste: fruity, earthy, sweet Uses: mood, stress, pain Effects: relaxed, focused, happy

Blue Chip Dispensary LogoForty One

A secret cross of the famous Gelato #41. Gelato being most of our favorite strain, we spent the last 2 years crossing different strains with the #41 pheno. We finally found one we felt worthy of calling Blue Chip but decided to simply call it FortyOne. For those looking for rare genetics combined with the highest quality, this is the one for you.

Blue Chip Dispensary LogoHorchata

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Blue Chip Dispensary LogoPurple Congo

Purple Congo: Purple Congo is the higher roller’s favorite strain to wake and bake before hitting the slots. This rare strain has genetic origins from the Red Congolese making it the perfect Sativa hybrid that is accompanied by uplifting and relaxing energy. Genetics: Red Congo x Purple Lotus Kush Taste: earthy, sweet, gassy Uses: fatigue, depression, anxiety Effects: euphoric, energizing, creative

Blue Chip Dispensary LogoVanilla Puffz

Vanilla Puffs: Vanilla Puffs is a hybrid strain with creamy and sweet aroma that has potent calming and refreshing effects. This strain is for experienced players that will have you doubling-up on another joint. Genetics: Buttermintz x Gelato 41 Taste: sweet, earthy, rich Uses: stress, pain, relaxation Effects: calm, uplifting, elevated