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Guava Gelato

This indica-leaning hybrid is a collaboration between Grandiflora and Purple City Genetics, and grown by Blue Chip Genetics. Guava Gelato features an aroma and flavor profile that is fruity, reminiscent of tropical guava with a creamy cheese finish. This strain will have you feeling uplifted, easing anxiety and relaxed at the end of the day. Genetics: Guava Gelato S1 Taste: Tropical, Cheese Effects: Uplifted, Reduce Anxiety, Relaxed

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Slurty #33

This indica-dominant hybrid is bred by Purple City Genetics and grown by Blue Chip Genetics. Slurty33, high in the terpene Caryophyllene, will feature an aroma and flavor profile that is sweet, earthy and floral. This strain will leave you feeling talkative, giggly, and happy. Genetics: Slurricane (Cowboy’s Cut) x Gelato 33 Taste: Flowery, Earthy, Sweet Effects: Happy, Giggly, Talkative

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Pink Zushi

A true Hybrid grown by Blue Chip Genetics. Pink Zushi features an aroma and flavor profile that is sweet and earthy, reminiscent of a fruit filled pastry. This Caryophyllene dominant strain will have you feeling euphoric and relaxed, bringing down stress. Genetics: Pink Zushi (Zushi Cut) Taste: Fruity, Earthy, Sweet Effects: Euphoric, Reduce Stress, Relaxed

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This heavy, indica-dominant hybrid is bred by Purple City Genetics and grown by Blue Chip Genetics. Gusherz exhibits many of the attributes of the beloved Cookie family varieties: creamy, gas and candy terps that create a body-zapping high that puts the mind at ease. Genetics: Kush Mints x F1 Durb Taste: Diesel, Sweet, Cheese Effects: Tingly, Euphoric

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This indica-dominant hybrid is grown by Blue Chip Genetics. Zkittlez features an aroma and flavor profile that is reminiscent of sweet grapes and a blend of tropical fruit. A calming strain that will have you feeling focused and happy, while relaxing the body. A great choice for the end of the day. Genetics: Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown Taste: Grape, Tropical Effects: Happy, Focused, Relaxed

Our Story

The Blue Chip Story begins in 2008 in Santa Rosa, California. It was there that two biochemist majors from University of Davis California began hunting and cross breeding genotypes in an attempt to achieve an effect that would provide all the benefits of cannabis they loved and reduce some of the effects they weren’t keen on. They loved the relaxing, euphoric, and stress relieving properties of marijuana, but didn’t like the strong comedown, paranoia, or scattered feeling they would get from some strains. This led to an in depth study of landrace genetics and the "kids" they had produced through genetic crossing over the years. Armed with a small laboratory space rented in Oakland, as well as the knowledge from their genetic research, they began a year long hunt for rare and exotic seeds from all over the world. This pheno hunting and constant experimentation produced cannabis that was close…

Top Quality Cannabis Strains

A cut above the rest, Blue Chip is derived from years of research and proprietary grow technology, which has allowed us to maximize and optimize potency, flavor, and the look of the plant. There are very good reasons why people travel from all over the world to try famous Blue Chip products. Through aggressive experimentation, we’ve produced the most exotic and rare strains available. Only the highest integrity cannabis is worthy of our brand. Our clients have come to expect the best quality for the best quality price, and we never disappoint.

Founded in 2014, Blue Chip has grown to sell flower, merchandise, and apparel. Our cannabis brand is well recognized, actively searched for, and continues to gain loyal connoisseurs. We travelled all over California for our Girl Scout cookies strain, which has become our ever popular in-house staple.

Homegrown Cannabis

Grown in Purple Lotus’s million dollar state of the art facility in San Jose, our Blue Chip GSC, ButterMintz, FortyOne, and Face On Fire live up to our standards and further set us apart. Look no further for a top notch cannabis brand. Blue Chip is unique in our excellence.